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The Sue Orfield Band performs original music that spans many genres from blues, rock and funk to jazz and bluegrass with a little ethnic vibe thrown in. Their  music grooves with high energy and unexpected improvisations. Their melodies will sometimes amuse you and often move you.

While they play primarily instrumental music, the group occasionally enriches the mix with the deep and resonant vocals of Randy Sinz or the inimitable stylings of Dave Schrader.  

As you might guess the music of SOB is difficult to categorize. In the 2008 “Best of Chippewa Valley” poll by Volume One, fans  voted SOB  #2 in the “BEST jazz band” category. In 2009 they voted SOB #1, the best jazz band in the Chippewa Valley. This year, in 2010, they just  voted the band #2 in the “best original rock band” category.  No matter which category they are placed in, the group extends a huge THANK YOU to the fans who have expressed their appreciation this way!

The Sue Orfield Band is:  Sue Orfield (tenor saxophone), Mike Schlenker (guitar), Randy Sinz (bass + vocals), and Dave Schrader (drums + vocals)

The Sue Orfield Band